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The EuroVan featured a hp, 2. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard and a 4-speed automatic was optional. The CL and GL models would seat 7 with a 2 seat center bench a 3 seat rear bench. The MV could also seat seven but had a pair of rear-facing middle buckets seats, a swing-up middle table and a rear bench that could fold flat into a bed. The MV was available with an optional Weekender Package. The camping oriented package included a pop-up roof with an integral double bed.

A refrigerator and screened windows with curtains were part of the package. Front and rear air conditioning is standard on the MV and on the GL model. These camper vans went a step further than the Weekenders by offering a kitchen with a 2-burner LP stove, a larger refrigerator, stainless-steel sink, storage cabinets and a gallon fresh water tank.

Rialta Specs

In after a 4 year absents; Volkswagen revived the regular EuroVan. Similar in design to the earlier models but now powered by a hp VR6 engine. The only available transmission is a 4-speed automatic. Traction control and ABS brakes are now standard. In the EuroVan gained an additional 61 horsepower. The final year for the EuroVan wasbecause of slow sales it was dropped form VW the line-up.

Winnebago Industries then takes it to the level of a World Class Motorhome. With the hp VR6 engine and front-wheel-drive the Rialta offers good fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Check back later, we will be adding more specifications and history for the EuroVan.This page is not meant to scare you but merely to advise on several items that have become problems for Rialta owners.

Just like every other RV on the road, the Rialta has its share of things that have proven to be troublesome. All of these problem areas have had one or more solutions proposed for them and usually the Rialta owners have had to re-engineer the Winnebago design short-comings or reinstall things improperly assembled at the factory. Probably the most complained about item is the generator.

I personally have limited knowledge about this because I special ordered my Rialta without a generator. And I don't miss it at all simply because I have no need for "dry camping" at remote areas such as down by the lake front. All of my camping has been in either commercial or government campgrounds, or overnight stealth camping at places such as Wal-Mart and Flying-J. Even then, the 12v coach batteries provide power for lights, TVs, furnace, computers, etc. The generator set used in the Rialta is the smallest and least expensive model built by the manufacturer.

Accordingly, its quality of design and parts is also the lowest of their entire line.

rialta forum

This is true whether the brand is the original Generac or the later Onan. The most common problems are failure to start or failure to keep running once an electrical load is placed on the generator. The manufacturer almost always claims that "varnish" in the generator fuel system is the culprit and such a problem is not covered under warranty.

There are several solutions as detailed on the " Winnebago Rialta Generator " page. Another common problem with the generator concerns the low battery condition in the coach. If the coach battery is very low on charge, the generator will refuse to start.

The solution to this is simple: start the engine of the Rialta and with the engine running, then go ahead and start the generator.

1996 Rialta RV For Sale, Sleeps 4 MUST SEE!

Close to the generator in the sheer number of complaints, the Norcold refrigerator is a troublesome device. Nearly all of the problems have to do with running in the propane mode and the cause is almost always related to a carbon build-up on or around the burner box area or a faulty thermocouple.

A simple maintenance procedure seems to cure the problem but such maintenance needs to be performed often. Many Rialta owners are unwilling to do such maintenance themselves and so the cost of having an RV dealer do it for them adds greatly to the expense. More information about refrigerator maintenance is on the " Winnebago Rialta Refrigerator " page.

The VW EuroVan comes with electric locks for the cab front doors. Winnebago cuts into this circuit to provide power for the electric lock function for the coach side door. While there have been a few problems on the VW side of the design, the Winnebago design for the coach side door has been a major headache for Rialta owners.

Only in did Winnebago change the design to eliminate the source of all the problems. See the " Magnum Shooters " modifications page for a permanent solution. The main cause is the poorly design system that allows the electric wires to pass from the door jamb and wall area into the door itself. Winnebago originally used nothing more than a tightly wound steel spring though which the wires traveled.

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The problem was that the spring would frequently get hung up on the hole that was drilled in the steel jamb which was intended to allow the spring to move in and out. Winnebago used no bushing or other method of avoiding the problem of the spring catching on the raw edge of the hole in the steel jamb.

Once the spring got hung up and the door was closed, the spring would get pinched in that area which would result in pinched and shorted electrical wires. In what has to be the most poorly designed air conditioning compressor ever used in an automotive application, Rialta owners have had to bear the cost of solving this problem.

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There are two distinct problems noted with the "dash air" of the Rialta.I purchased this vehicle on eBay and paid 20K plus. The company assured me that my purchase would be fully inspected and any issues be reported to me. Our agreement was made and I purchased the vehicle based on photos and their assurance that everything was in order and that I could rest assured based on my own research on eBay reviews of previous customers.

I took delivery of the vehicle this May after paying for the delivery. Upon delivery I noticed a number of obvious problems.

rialta forum

The coolant was low, there was a low tire and the generator would not start. The windshield had a delamination problem. The mechanical condition seemed okay.

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Also, the clear coat on the paint was peeling None of this was ever revealed in their thorough inspection? Then after getting the vehicle home, I discover corrosion underneath the vehicle which was never revealed and was a major concern from my first inquiries, so far they have refused to take any action. I have filed with the Indiana BBB and they have filed my complaint twice. EBay does not warrant vehicles ten years or older. They were dishonest and I have learned that the business will be moving to California to join Pop Top Heaven???

I asked for a reasonable fix. They pay for the problems or refund my money They have rejected both ideas So much for their reputation.

rialta forum

If anyone else has had a similar problem, I would like to share. I am hoping their business receives the proper kind of review. They got my money and misled me. I explained the vehicle would be great for my family and my son has CF Cystic Fibrosis which I made clear was one of the reasons I wanted to buy the RV so he could perform his treatments while we were on the road.

Overall, they claim my 20K was well spent?? I believe they need to stand behind their product and put the customer first! I wish they could just do the right thing! Rialta Heaven: In response to This consumer's Complaint.

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At the the time of the purchase which was done site unseen other than detailed pictures. He chose not to come and inspect the vehicle to see if there was anything he would be concerned about. He was looking for an inexpensive RV and this particular model holds it's value and thus to obtain one in the price range he was willing to pay, years and mileage are what he would have to sacrifice.

I had many conversations with him describing the vehicle and its condition as best I could based on the report given to me by our independent mechanic. I did not hide or neglect to tell him any condition regarding the vehicle. Global Auto of Warsaw does all of our inspections and repairs. He was concerned with having to pay storage for the winter though, and as a bonus to the sale I offered to store his vehicle here at no charge, for no later than may of At that time I indicated that we would not be responsible for the vehicle once the purchase was made.

I offered to start the vehicle once a week and run the generator to keep batteries charged which we did.Make Winnebago Rialta. Model 22FD. This Class B is located in Brackettville, Texas. She is also equipped with a Volkswagen engine that has 35, miles. Make Winnebago. Winter escape pod. I am selling our VW Rialta. Everything is in good working order with the exception of the on board generator it turns over but does not start.

I have not had it looked at as we never needed it and the power locks do not work. Everything else is in good working order and the coach is in excellent condition.

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It comes with a rear luggage rack for storage and it only has 88k miles on it. I am asking 27, Please contact me if you wish to take it for a test drive. This is a very nice Rialta. It is the rare FD floorplan. It has a new large fridge that was just installed. Onan generator that works well.

Welcome to RialtaInfo.

It has a full sized bed in the back with new Serta mattresses. It also has a DISH mobile satellite that is mounted to the top. DISH will allow you to buy a box and turn the service on and off as needed when traveling. The reason for selling is that I just bought a new Leisure travel van and no longer need. Model Rialta FD. This VW Rialta has a newly re-built motor not original motor and transmission with a 1 year parts and labor warranty from Asheville Vee-Dub. The interior is in great shape. No water leaks, etc The left side of the rear bumper is missing.

I originally bought this RV for parts for my Rialta. Chris at Asheville Vee-Dub was able to restore this one. It is perfect for 2 people. It has a kitchen, Bath and 2 single beds. A front area with a swivel chair. Rialta's get great gas mileage. It's small enough to fit in a regular parking space and has a big window in the back that makes backing easy. It is so easy yo drive!! Winnebago Rialta VW 22 D. An exceptional small RV. Superbly designed, very well maintained, excellent condition, HP VR 6' 18 mpg, 78k miles.

Kitchen, telescoping bath, full rear bed with storage beneath, cabinets, wardrobe, retractable table, three swivel chairs, ac, furnace,skylight, exterior shower, Onan generator, TV, backup camera, trailer hitch, awning and cover. Truly a little jewel!ByWinnebago had been specializing in the manufacture of mobile motor homes for more than 50 years. The Rialta was one model of motor home that was discontinued after In its final year, the Rialta featured a number of engineering upgrades over previous years, four different floor plans, and many additional features.

It also featured a four-speed automatic transmission, a amp battery and a amp alternator. Each Rialta came with rear air springs, 16 inch tires and a 2,pound draw-bar trailer hitch. Interior features of the Rialta included a volt, four-gallon water heater, a dual-battery charge control with 30 amps, and a 2,watt generator.

Each also featured a city water hookup, a foot sewer hose and a furnace producing 17, to 19, BTUs. Four different floor plans were available. All featured a kitchen area with stove, bathroom with toilet, and at least one pull-down table.

The 22QD model featured two small beds and two couches; the 22 HD had sofa-sleepers and a dining area; the 22FD Standard had one double bed and a dining area; and the 22FD Optional came with two twin beds and dining area.

Each Rialta also came equipped with a multitude of comfort and convenience features. Kitchens featured microwaves, stoves, refrigerators and storage space. The interior also featured a thermostat, a shower package with drain and flexible shower head, an optional 9-inch television and optional satellite radio.

This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Rialta Specs by Brianna Collins.

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Floorplans Four different floor plans were available. Additional Features Each Rialta also came equipped with a multitude of comfort and convenience features.

About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.They're easy to use, especially since Yahoo Groups has removed the ability to store information on site.

They are now strictly email. Mark Fletcher, the individual that designed ONEList, which eventually became Yahoo Groups, is the person responsible for this new site.

He's constantly upgrading and refining the site to include things that are requested and to improve useablity. Signing up is very easy. When you go to any of the group links, there will be a link at the upper right, in the blue bar, to Sign Up. The Vista and Sunstar are the ones made on the VW chassis. On the CD version, they point to the web site instead of the correct local files. There are a couple of solutions for this.

If you've copied the CD version to your hard drive, you can download the first file which is only the corrected page for the generator. Unzip it and copy it to the directory "winnebago" to replace the existing one named generator.

I'll try to keep the ISO up to date so you can always get the latest version. This one contains all updates as of 17 March I'll still be happy to mail a copy to anyone that may have trouble burning a DVD. This site will always be a work in progress. There's a lot of information available for the Rialta, but it can be difficult to find sometimes.

Even on this site things are not always where you might expect them to be. In that light, there will continue to be improvements to make the information posted here easier to find and work with. The initial information is the original Baldy web site. As things progress, some of that information will be edited and updated.

New information discovered since Baldy sold his Rialta will be added. Additions and changes will be made as required. Most of the information found here is the result of someone else's hard work. This site is merely a collection point to, hopefully, make it all easier to find. To all of those that have made contributions, my most sincere thanks. I hope to have a page crediting all of those that have come before me.

I'm new to web pages in case you can't tell already so things will probably go slow to begin with. All suggestions are welcome and I'll reply for clarification or details.

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Please send your emails to DrRialta RialtaInfo. Please be aware that any information you see here on this website is all to be regarded as merely personal opinion. You should contact them for any "official" or "final word". I'd like to thank Baldy for gathering all this information in one place. He's given permission to use this as long as there is a Rialta on the road. I talked to Baldy about how to best handle this. His suggestion was to incorporate them as needed rather than have bad or dated information that might cause problems.

It will probably be obvious if a whole new page or file is created, at least until I have more practice. Please help keep this information as accurate as we can. Thanks, Duane. Page Updated: 26 February The third method that ISPs use to block banned sites is content filtering. This is a good way to deal with governments that ban whole topics rather than specific websites. In this scenario, the ISP reads the messages that it sends out onto the internet on behalf of customers. VPN operating methods manage to defeat all three ISP site block strategies.

This program coordinates with a remote server. The client interface presents you with a list of servers. You select a server before you turn the VPN on. When the VPN is running, all of the communications from your computer first travel out to the VPN server. This link is called a tunnel. It hides all of your traffic from the ISP. The ISP still registers that there are messages passing through its computers.

This is because the VPN client encrypts each message that leaves your computer. This encryption covers not just the contents of the message, but also the address information. This encrypted message is then put inside another packet, which is addressed to the VPN server.

Those messages being diverted to the VPN server also include the calls to the DNS server. The best VPNs run their own DNS services.

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If the address is not in an approved country, the site returns a blocking page. When you have the VPN turned on, your requests for pages at the Bet365 website travel through the VPN server. All responses to your requests also go back to the VPN server first.

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