Lady Luck is such a fickle-minded creature. She can put you on the peak of success and send you rolling down the valley of failure with just a snap of her finger. Credit card bills, mortgages, medical expenses—we have all experienced some form of extreme hardship during our lifetime.

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Sometimes, we resort to drastic measures just to recover from it, even to the extent of selling our stuff! Getting in so much debt is like drowning yourself in a financial quagmire.

However, all hope is not yet lost. You can work your way out of that situation with the help of a hardship letter. Here are some sample hardship letters to help your bank and other financial institutions understand your family crisis.

What Qualifies as a Hardship? Many factors constitute a hardship, although the bank or lender can only accept a few reasons. Since it talks of your financial situation, you can use it for areas that require debt payment.

Here are a few instances where you can use a hardship letter to negotiate your current payment plan: For mortgage. Mortgage payments can consume almost half of your monthly paycheck.

According to Statista, from the year tothere has been a steady increase in home mortgage debt of households and non-profit organizations. Suffice it to say, owning a house is a big financial responsibility. You have to have careful consideration before buying a house. However, if you already find it hard to keep up with your mortgage payments, you can always write your bank a hardship letter.

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That way, your bank can also check if they can do a loan modification for you. For credit card payments. These days, we rely on technology when it comes to our spending.

From gym membership contracts to retail purchases, that piece of plastic has become an important part of our lives. However, irresponsible use can be detrimental. Before you know it, you are already up to your neck in debt. If it becomes too difficult to pay your bills, you can try to negotiate with the bank through a hardship letter. For your auto loan.

extreme hardship waiver letter example

These days when credit rating is important, you need to find a way to keep up with the payments. For personal loans. There are times when we find ourselves in a bit of a bind.

They help us in these desperate moments. But even the quick remedy might soon become the poison. When that happens, try to renegotiate your terms by writing them a hardship letter. For immigration.

There are circumstances wherein a foreign citizen needs to immigrate to the United States.

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However, the US government banned him from doing so. When that happens, you can try to get that waived through a hardship letter. Whenever it comes to financial hardship, whatever debt you are in, you can always try to negotiate with your bank. They, too, will find a way to help you make your payments as much as possible.

It can describe just about any aspect of life. Medical bills are expensive.Call us today: We do a fair number of hardship waivers in our office each year, and I am frequently asked by my clients how to write a good hardship letter.

While many attorneys have different styles for putting together a hardship waiver application, most attorneys will agree that the letter is one of the most important pieces of the case.

While your attorney knows you and the legal facts of your case, the purpose of the hardship letter is to detail the types of hardship that somebody will suffer. This letter will be far better done by the client. Generally speaking, I review drafts of hardship letters and make suggested edits. Sometimes, this may happen several times just to get one letter done well. In most hardship cases, the government is looking to what type of hardship a U. This is a very important and extremely powerful concept to understand.

I typically give my clients a list of items that I would like them to discuss in their letter. The strongest letter will come from the qualifying relative, or the person that is likely to suffer harm, but letters from others referencing the hardship are also helpful.

These questions generally lay out a roadmap for writing an excellent letter detailing hardship that would be suffered. They come from a framework established by precedent case law and authority on hardship issues. A smaller, yet still relevant, piece of the puzzle is the discretionary component of the waiver.

Generally speaking, we must demonstrate that the immigrant merits the favorable exercise of discretion. In other words, even if the hardship factors are present, does the applicant actually deserve to have their waiver approved? To reach this question, we are going to ask a series of questions, as well. Some of those questions might be:.

extreme hardship waiver letter example

Waivers are generally the most intense and difficult part of a case. They are also generally the most expensive part. Although these lists of questions seem overwhelming, spending extra time to consider the questions and put forth thoughtful answers is extraordinarily important. A well-written hardship letter by the qualifying spouse or parent is typically the key to winning the case. Naturally, we will want evidence to back up and support these, but this is the basic framework to writing a winning hardship letter.

Again, by answering all of these questions, we can usually help our clients edit and shape their hardship letters to become important and key pieces of evidence in their overall waiver application packet. Nothing in this blog post should be construed as legal advice. It is important to seek qualified and competent legal advice in seeking any type of waiver before immigration authorities. Bryon M. Large, Sr. Bryon actively practices removal defense, federal litigation, family-based and employment-based immigration, asylum and naturalization.

Call us today: Fax: Disclaimer Sitemap. Our professional staff speaks English, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese and we can arrange for translators in any other language. Client Login Contact Us Careers. Proceed Make Payment. Subscribe to blog Subscribe via RSS. How do I write a hardship letter? Posted by Bryon M.Being arrested for a crime does not necessarily mean you will be convicted.

Often we can help you get charges reduced or dismissed, and avoid jail and a criminal record. DUI arrests don't always lead to convictions in court.

Police officer mistakes, faulty breathalyzers and crime lab errors may get your charges reduced or dismissed.

40+ SAMPLE Hardship Letters in PDF | MS Word

Visit our California DUI page to learn more. Shouse Law Group represents victims throughout the U. If you've been injured in an accident, our personal injury lawyers will fight to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages.

Depending on the waiver being sought, a qualifying family member is usually defined as a spouse and, in most cases, a parent or child. In others -- such as the waiver of fraud-related inadmissibility in cases of Violence Against Women Act VAWA self-petitioners -- hardship to the immigrant him- or herself also counts. Read the instructions for the particular waiver being sought to see who counts as a qualifying relative in a given situation.

Not all of these issues must be present and there may be other factors that create hardship in a given case. Factors the USCIS officer will take into account when determining extreme hardship can include but are not limited to :.

Yes, depending on the particular waiver being sought. But, in general, mere economic challenges and difficulty in adjusting to a new life hold less weight than serious medical conditions or dangerous conditions within another country.

Or the applicant can show hardship to multiple family members that would not qualify as extreme as to any one of them, but which, when considered in the aggregate, add up to extreme hardship.

Hardship Letter - Do Not Make These Mistakes

These options are not mutually exclusive. An applicant may satisfy the extreme hardship requirement by showing that both relocation and separation are reasonably foreseeable and that each would more likely than not result in extreme hardship.

Keep in mind, however, that extreme hardship is not the only test in deciding whether to allow an immigrant to enter into, or remain inside, the United States. Even when an applicant demonstrates extreme hardship, the USCIS officer has considerable discretion in deciding whether all the circumstances not just extreme hardship merit the granting of a waiver. An application should carefully read the instructions that accompany the USCIS form for the type of waiver being sought.

The instructions will usually list the types of supporting evidence that an applicant may submit.What makes a successful IA Waiver? One of the cases we got approved was from Guatemala. What we do is we create an extensive legal brief analyzing all of the hardships: what we did is we used our Hardship Waiver matrix to analyze all the Hardship Waiver s and create a legal brief and in the legal briefs we looked at some of the Hardships that the U. On a return part of the Hardship that we talked about was medical Hardship that the U.

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Sample Hardship Letters

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On July 29the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS provided some good news for families by expanding some regulations related to the provisional unlawful presence waiver.

These new rules become effective on August 29, The original provisional waiver rule that was implemented in provided that only immediate relatives of U. Meaning that only immigrants who had a U. The expansion of regulations now allows immigrants who have a Lawful Permanent Resident LPR parent or spouse to apply for a provisional waiver.

Also, an immigrant with an employment-based petition can apply for a provisional waiver, as long as their visa is available and the applicant has a spouse or parent who is a U.Immigration Daily. Processing times. Twitter feed. Immigrant Nation. CLE Workshops.

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I did locate one website, immigrate2us. But not sure when and if it will be up and running Thought it would be a nice resource to put together a compilation on this forum for those that need assistance right away. On page 2 of this thread, you will find helpful guidelines in defining what contributes to extreme hardship. My sources are all cited. Feel free to add on any contributing helpful data that you may have located on this subject.

Any resources most appreciated. Tags: None. Quote Comment. Comment Post Cancel. Our waiver was for my husband for unlawful presence over 1 year. It was filed in Ecuador. This is only a precaution that is hopefully completely unnecessary.

At the same time, she would feel compelled by the powerful forces of her complete marital bond to do so.

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There are several interacting hardships: MEDICAL USC has significant health issues which can be impacted negatively, even to the point of being life-threatening, if she does not have access to regular, expert medical care. USC has a pituitary microadenoma a small tumor of the pituitary gland. In brief, she has to take medication daily Parlodel toward containing the growth of the tumor and arresting its effects.

Often, with medication a microadenoma of this sort will remain stable and its symptoms will be muted. However, sometimes, symptoms including loss of vision multiply, and sometimes, the tumor grows significantly.

Expanding symptomatology or tumor size may lead to the necessity for intra-cranial surgery. It is critical that she be followed by an endocrinologist and have access to high-tech pituitary imaging facilities. If the mass enlarges significantly it can cause multiple problems Pressure can be placed on the base of the brain, which can cause many problems. In other words, follow-up care needs to be done by a specially trained physician and the regular use of MRI technology is critical.

If the tumor should not respond properly to medication or should grow undetected she risks the loss of vision as well as other significant symptoms.Sample Letters.

In some cases a relative or friend is asked to write this type of letter to help someone who has been sent out of the country and would like to be able to return. In some cases, people already living in the U. This is a deportation notice. Some of the categories that need to be covered in the letter are here, but each person will need to select the ones that apply to their individual case.

In some cases, the immigrant has family in the U. They may be a major income-earner or need to care for very young children. It can be explained in detail who would suffer. Children would be uprooted from school and move to a country where they know no one.

This could greatly reduce the education opportunities for the children. If the family is forced to leave the country, they may be faced with a lack of adequate medical care in the other country.

If the immigrant or their spouse or parent already has a job in the U. Employment is as important as education, and being forced to leave the country or not being allowed back into the country could leave the immigrant unemployed. This would cause serious hardship to his or her family. Some families may have safety concerns about living without their spouse.

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These concerns may be connected with living in the U. If this is an issue, it should be clearly stated. Here is a sample hardship letter for immigration. It should be written in formal business style and sent by certified mail, so the sender has proof of when it was sent and received.

extreme hardship waiver letter example

He left the country for two weeks to visit his mother, and is not being allowed to return. Name of Husband has close family ties in the United States, including his three minor children aged three, seven and 14 who are legal residents. The two elder children are enrolled and doing well in school. He is also the sole support of my aged parents who live with us.

My husband has lived in the United States for the past 10 years and has a good job as a chef at a local five-star restaurant.

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