List of Beetlejuice characters, along with their pictures from the film when available. These characters from the movie Beetlejuice are displayed from top to bottom according to their prevalence in the film, so you can find the lead characters at the top of the list. From main characters to cameos and minor roles, these characters are the reason why the movie is loved by film buffs around the world.

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The names of the actors and actresses who starred in each role are featured as well, so use this Beetlejuice character list to find out who played your favorite role.

If you want to know, "What are the character's names in Beetlejuice? Click on "Name" at the top of the list and it will be re-sorted from A-Z. If one of your favorite characters missing from the list, then add them by typing in their name at the bottom of the page. Items on this list include Bernard and Beetlejuice. Data-driven recommendations based on voting from over 40 million monthly visits to Ranker.

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Try the free app. Search for an item here and add it to the list! Hey There! Please only add items that are relevant to this list topic.Sign In. Edit Beetlejuice Adam Geena Davis Barbara Annie McEnroe Jane Butterfield Maurice Page Ernie Hugo Stanger Old Bill Michael Keaton Betelgeuse Rachel Mittelman Little Jane Catherine O'Hara Delia J. Jay Saunders Moving Man 1 Mark Ettlinger Moving Man 2 Jeffrey Jones Charles Winona Ryder Lydia Glenn Shadix Otho Patrice Martinez Receptionist Cindy Daly Char Man Carmen Filpi Messenger Simmy Bow Janitor Sylvia SidneyShe is mostly referred to as a 'goth' girl.

Beetlejuice plans on marrying her so he can return to the world of the living. MOVIE: in the movie lydia has medium-lenght black hair with pointed bangs and always has about half of her hair done up in a pony tail. During the wedding scene she is seen wearing a poofy red dress and looks disgusted at the fact that she is marrying Beetlguese.

Although during the wedding scene the classic red dress is brought back.

Beetlejuice Character List

Lydia is a serious but kind girl who is sensitive beyond her Goth dress and feels isolated in the world. Her father and step-mother do not take anything she says seriously and often ignore her for their own selfish pursuits. Lydia loves writing poetry, taking photographs, and loves anything pertaining to the supernatural and paranormal. Despite her young age, Lydia appears to be the most sensible member of the Deetz household.

Though in her dark personality she has a great dark sense of humor to her. Such as saying, "My whole life is a dark room". By the end of the film, she is more happy and well-adjusted because Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland become active parental figures alongside Charles Deetz and Delia Deetzwho take a stronger role in her upbringing after having seen her nearly forced into marriage with Betelgeuse Beetlejuice.

Animated Version.

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For more information about this character for the animated series, go to the animated article. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.The animated version of Beetlejuice is quite different from his live-action film counterpart.

Among the first notable changes is the spelling of his name, from Betelgeuse to the title name of Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice differs from his film counterpart, as he is more of an anti-hero, but still retains much of his dishonest ways.

Also, you don't have to say it quickly, or really in a row. Proved by the fact that Adam interrupts Barbara when saying Beetlejuice 3 times.

Unfortunately for him, sending him back is done in the same fashion. He really likes to eat bugs Especially beetles, which may be why his name is Beetlejuice. His favorite activities include pulling pranks and scamming people, though as the series goes on, we learn that his most frequent prank victims - his neighbors and Lydia's parents - are individuals of whom he's secretly rather fond of.

He rarely pranks Lydia herself; he cares for her above any other person, and will often go to great lengths to ensure her safety, well-being, and happiness.

This contrasts with Beetlejuice's interactions with Lydia in the movie, in which he forces Lydia to marry him as a condition for agreeing to help the Maitlands regain their non-exorcised, non-decaying forms. He often uses this power to make visual puns and jokes. A few examples: when he says he'll train someone, he'll turn into a train and run over the person he said he'd train.

When he says he's tired, he'll turn into a tire. On one occasion, he says "This literal translation stuff slays me", which causes giant letters reading "Literal Translation Stuff" to fall from the sky and crush him. Sometimes, he can use these powers to make himself a "Master of Disfiguring Disguises". When he says to Lydia "Okay, you be the judge of that.

His sense of humor also gives BJ an edge with every thing he does, scam or not, plus it helps him "crack himself up" when "frozen stiff" in fear.

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Having been around for centuries, Beetlejuice has caught every ailment from Black Plague to Werewolf Disease claims to still be recovering from that onegiving him a stong immune system if being dead didn't do that on his own and aside the extra serious Neitherworld ailments that weaken him, BJ can re-summon some diseases at will BJ may be the self-proclaimed "ghost with the most" because of his powers, but isn't completely indestructible; he can only control his powers a little more then he can control himself, and often ends up in trouble because of his own mouth see "Juice Overuse"!

He can be also be severed by uttering the phrase, "I'm coming apart at the seams! Also, despite having pride in carrying more germs than a garbage dump, he must at least fit the undead's idea of healthy for his powers to work right. He can't walk through walls as ghosts are meant to when he has "Cabin Fever" and is quarantined in his roadhouse with cement; and when bitten by a gold bug he tries to eat, he comes down with "Gold Rush Fever" that leaves him as weak as a kitten, literally and metaphorically.

Additionally, he must be fully intact for his powers to work, as best exemplified by the episode "The Neitherworld's Least Wanted.

beetlejuice characters

He is terrified of sandworms, often freezing up around them to the point where he can't even fly. Lydia frequently has to say or do the right thing in order to revive him from his assorted afflictions, though he can sometimes break out of them on his own in order to save someone else.

He claims immunity from mind control, though a few episodes prove this is not always the case. He also sometimes has trouble when combating a rival ghost whose powers are considerable. His worst weakness, as stated in both the movie and the show, is his inability to cooperate well with others.Betelgeusecommonly referred to as Beetlejuiceis the titular main antagonist of the fantasy film Beetlejuiceand the protagonist of the spinnoff animated television series of the same name.

Beetlejuice is a freelance polturgeist who specializes in the art of "Bio-excorcism", the act of scaring living occupants out of their own house. Beetlejuice lives in exile inside of a small miniature remake of the town of Winter River, buried in the model towns graveyard. Beetlejuice can only be resurfaced by manually traveling to the town and being re-dug from his grave, and if his employers hire him can then on be instantly summoned by reciting his name three times in a row.

Beetlejuice's date of birth, and death are unknown but it is known by context that he died a long time ago, and has been enjoying his afterlife for what has most likely been centuries. Beetlejuice's personality varied significantly between the tv series and the film; while still being an agent of chaos, and a fairly macabre character, he was more heroic than he had originally been portrayed in the film and even had a human friend which contrasts his personality in the original film, where he labeled himself a "bio-exorcist".

In the film, Beetlejuice was darker and more openly malicious than he would become in the cartoons, though he also acted as a benefactor of sorts to the heroes; though there was no attempt to hide the fact that Beetlejuice was not meant to be a nice character, even the heroes who summoned him knew that he was, pretty much, a demon. But Beetlejuice was still used as a force of relative good, as his chaos was directed largely at a group of human antagonists, though he was still rude, obnoxious, and hostile towards the heroes as well, not to mention the fact that he also tried to force one of the main characters to be his unwilling bride, much to her disgust.

In the animated series, Beetlejuice was depicted as being more heroic though he'd still be a bit dishonest sometimes. He is often referred to as "BJ" for short. Beetlejuice's appearance is consistent with what a deceased corpse generally looks like, his skin is decayed with a pale chalky coloring, his eyes are surrounded by thick black rings of decay, and his teeth and fingernails are severely decrepid and discolored.

Beetlejuice's hair is an odd putrid green color that sticks out at all ends.

Film Characters

His outfit consists of matching black and white striped pants and blazer, with a white undershirt, and black tie. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article needs more links. Please improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing article.

June Betelgeusecommonly referred to as Beetlejuiceis the titular main antagonist of the fantasy film Beetlejuiceand the protagonist of the spinnoff animated television series of the same name.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. June It is based on the film of the same name. The story concerns a deceased couple who try to haunt the new inhabitants of their former home and call for help from a devious bio- exorcist ghost named Betelgeuse pronounced "Beetlejuice"who is summoned by saying his name three times. One of the new inhabitants is a young girl, Lydia, who is dealing with her mother's death and her neglectful father.

The musical had a tryout at the National TheatreWashington, D. It is produced by Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures a unit of franchise owner Warner Bros. Due to the —20 coronavirus pandemicthe show played its final performance at the Winter Garden on March 10, A group of people at a graveyard mourn the passing of Emily Deetz. Emily's daughter, Lydia, reflects on the death of her mother and her own inability to be noticed by her father, Charles "Prologue: Invisible".

A millennia old demon named Beetlejuice appears and mocks the idea of living life to the fullest, as it will all be worthless once death comes "The Whole "Being Dead" Thing". Beetlejuice then tells the audience how as a demon, he is invisible to all living beings unless he gets a living person to say his name three times, and reveals that he has come up with a plan to accomplish this.

Beetlejuice then introduces Adam and Barbara Maitland. They are a normal married couple who desperately want to start a family, but are not emotionally ready and project their insecurities onto their hobbies.

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As Adam and Barbara reason to themselves why they're not ready for a child, they fall to their deaths through unstable floorboards in their home "Ready, Set, Not Yet". The Handbook for the Recently Deceased falls from the sky, but Beetlejuice burns it, wanting the newly deceased Maitlands to haunt their house and get a living person to say his name three times, which will allow him to be seen by all living beings.

When Barbara and Adam awaken from their fatal fall and realize that they are dead, Beetlejuice reveals himself to the couple and offers to help them adjust to the Afterlife "The Whole "Being Dead" Thing, Pt. Beetlejuice reveals to the Maitlands that the Deetzes have bought their house.

He tells them that in order to remain in their house alone, they will have to scare the Deetzes away, and the Maitlands accept his help "The Whole "Being Dead" Thing, Pt.

While moving in, Charles reveals to Lydia that he wants to start a gated community, using the house as a flagship model home, and is having a dinner party with some business friends. Lydia expresses her desire for her mother to return, mentioning the fact that nobody seems to care that she's gone.

beetlejuice characters

Praying for her mother to send a sign that she's still there, Lydia vows to make her father acknowledge the fact that tragedy struck their family "Dead Mom". In the attic, Beetlejuice is trying to teach the Maitlands how to be scary.

Beetlejuice becomes frustrated with the couple and abandons them, and they vow to scare the Deetz family away themselves "Ready Set Reprise ". Meanwhile, Delia, a woman who Charles hired to be Lydia's life coach and is secretly his lover, tells Lydia how everything happens for a reason, but fails to get her in a positive state of mind "No Reason".The spirits of a deceased couple are harassed by an unbearable family that has moved into their home, and hire a malicious spirit to drive them out.

Adam and Barbara are a normal couple They have given their precious time to decorate their house and make it their own, but unfortunately a family is moving in, and not quietly. Adam and Barbara try to scare them out, but end up becoming the main attraction to the money making family. They call upon Beetlejuice to help, but Beetlejuice has more in mind than just helping.

beetlejuice characters

After Barbara and Adam Maitland die in a car accident, they find themselves stuck haunting their country residence, unable to leave the house. When the unbearable Deetzes and teen daughter Lydia buy the home, the Maitlands attempt to scare them away without success. Their efforts attract Beetlejuice, a rambunctious spirit whose "help" quickly becomes dangerous for the Maitlands and innocent Lydia.

After Barbara and Adam Maitland were killed in a car crash, they find themselves trapped as ghosts in their beautiful New England farmhouse.

Their peace is disrupted when a yuppie family, the Deetzs, buy their house. The Maitlands are too nice and harmless as ghosts and all their efforts to scare the Deetzs away were unsuccessful. They eventually turn to another ghost 'Beetlejuice' for help.

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This is the story of Adam and Barbara who live in a beautiful house in New England. One day while driving home they are involved in a terrible auto accident. They manage to walk home only to discover later that they have died and now haunt their house.

When their house is purchased by an out of state family, they feel their home is threatened by the over-the-top artist wife and real-estate idea-man husband. Their only relief is the Gothic daughter of the family.

Their attempts at scaring the family out of the house are ignored or laughed at. Finally they fall to the temptation to use the people-exorciser Beetlejuice. When they find his tactics too dangerous, they attempt to contain him and save the family they were trying to boot. The Deetz's gothic daughter discovers the Maitands in the attic and befriends them. She finds their after-life handbook which is eventually confiscated by the family's interior decorator who is fascinated by the paranormal, and during a seance, conjures up the Maitlands.

Most of the trouble starts as the free-lance bio-exorcist Beetlejuice gets involved. Sign In. Edit Beetlejuice


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